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No wonder they’re endangered.






starting to have a legit panic attack.

got an eviction notice, filed with the court and everything.  I have until next Sunday to come up with $1300.  I have $700. 

I don’t know what to do.  I just want to die.

Maybe make a donation page and I’m sure we can find a fair few that are willing to help :D 

I’ve got one.  both a GoFundMe and a general paypal.


tdj0684@gmail.com (paypal)

I hate asking for money.  I HATE it.  but I have no idea what to do anymore.  and now I’m on my way to work in TEARS and I just

want to crawl back into bed and sleep forever

Guys please help if you can!

I’m a property manager so I know for a fact that if she’s unable to raise the money and has to go through evictions that debt can DOUBLE. Please help this person out if you can even afford a few dollars. It’s very important that people have a place to live above all else!

Reblogging this on my personal: If any of you have even $5 to spare, please consider helping keep this person from getting evicted from their home. You could buy a bag of chips or you could help keep this person from homelessness. Delicious chips can come later, friends. Please help.





Miss Piggy dazzling for days, cosplayed by Sweets4aSweet

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Stuff Nobody Tells you About Getting An Apartment.


This’ll cover the basics, such as financial expectation, rental history, what to bring for the application process, etc.

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As a property manager, I can agree with most of this HOWEVER: most property management companies require new roommates to apply in order to move into an already occupied unit. MAKE SURE you call the management company/landlord to find out if they require this. If you don’t and it turns out you were supposed to you can get kicked out of the apartment for being an unauthorized tenant and be left homeless.

Also: As for being a student. This is not a problem. At least where I manage. Because our biggest problem age-range is late 30’s and up. The ADULT (pre-retirement) crowd that rents from us has by FAR the highest eviction rate of all the age ranges.

Click here to support Buddy Battles Cancer


Hello! I do hope you do not mind me posting this here as this is not fr related, but would you be so kind as to take a few seconds to read this?

You see my cat, Buddy, has been battling cancer for quite some time. Now Buddy here is one of the most loving cats I have ever had. He adopted us a while back, escaping a house filled with dogs and kids, and ever since then he has grown to be apart of our family. 

Now we have found a treatment for dear Buddy and he has been going to chemotherapy for a couple of weeks, but sadly it is not cheap and we do not have enough money to finish Buddy’s treatment. 

If you click on the link it will send you to my gofundme page for Buddy, and there you can get more information about what kind of cancer Buddy has and you can ask any questions there as well. 

Even if you can not donate a simple boost would be most appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day. <3

I know I’m never on this tumblr anymore, but please everyone reblog this post for my friend. Her kitty cat has cancer and they really need a little help getting him his treatments :(